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Care in the rehabilitation setting is delivered through an interdisciplinary team process focused on functional, practical outcomes, which enable the rehabilitation patient and family to function at their highest possible level of independence and productivity or to progress the person to the next level of care in the rehabilitation continuum. The inpatient rehabilitation team and leadership seek to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program based on a patient/client centered philosophy.

Communication is the basis of the rehabilitation program both within the Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo administration, rehabilitation team, patient served, and their family and/or caregiver. Information will be accessible. Timelines for sharing of information will be immediate and as soon as possible through various different methods (direct communication and/or telecommunications). Throughout the rehab stay, every effort will be made to ensure exchange of information is accurate and efforts will be directed toward ensuring understanding of the rehab process.

Comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services are provided to adult populations with neurological and other medical conditions of recent onset or regression and who have experienced a loss of function in activities of daily living, mobility, cognition, or communication. This program serves persons who are 18 years of age or older and accepts persons served of varying cultural backgrounds. All patients are medically stable but have sufficient medical acuity to warrant an ongoing hospital stay (medical necessity). The rehabilitation team will also evaluate and respect the cultural diversity in our community. Efforts will be directed toward integrating the patient and their family into the rehabilitation process with respect to cultural and ethnic diversity.

Diagnoses of persons served include, but are not limited to, those who have experienced any of the following: cerebral vascular accident, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation, multiple traumas, hip fracture or joint replacement, arthritis, congenital deformity, burns, or other progressive, neurological syndromes such as Guillain-Barre, Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.



At Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo, the rehabilitation program fosters family centered care. While adult rehab can be defined using several different philosophies and culture, we at Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo consider the following critical components of family centered care at the very core of our mission to deliver quality rehabilitation care. These aspects include:

• We recognize the contributions of the family and reserve the right to honor the very core of the family (caregivers). Although patients with disabilities will undoubtedly flow through the health care system multiple times throughout their life span rendering them subject to many different health care professionals, the family unit remains the stable component of the rehabilitation program. We will foster the family unit.

• We at Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo will foster professional collaboration through all stages, phases, and levels of the rehabilitation process.

• Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo’s rehabilitation team will foster an atmosphere of honest, informative, unbiased, complete information in a supportive atmosphere so families can make informed choices as to their rehabilitation and medical care.

• Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo will implement policies, practices, and comprehensive pediatric programming to ensure the utmost emotional care and resources necessary to ensure safe transition of our patients into the community.

• We will foster the developmental, emotional, physical, and functional development of our patients.

• Provide opportunities for parent to parent support, guidance, resources, and sharing of the awesome responsibilities of caring for an inpatient rehabilitation with a complex rehabilitation and medical needs.

• The core focus of our program is to prevent further impairment, improve activities and foster participation within their community.

• Last but not least, assurance that Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo’s team will provide a delivery system that is flexible, supportive, accessible and feasible to meet the patient and families’ challenging needs.



Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo is open twenty-four (24) hours daily every day of the year. Therapy Services are available Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. through 5:00-5:30 p.m.



On behalf of our team of medical staff and employees, thank you for considering our hospital. Our objective is to provide innovative, outcomes driven and team integrated care to you or your loved one in the destination hospital of Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of Fargo. We strive to earn our reputation for being the leader of rehabilitation care each and every day, working to offer the highest level possible of expertise and experience in the name of healing.

Our guiding principle and commitment is simple – to provide quality care through our people. Our success in this endeavor is apparent by the patients who choose our location.

Our hospital exceeds standards set by other rehab hospitals in the area with state of the art equipment, comfortable private rooms, and hotel-like amenities. We have designed this website as an informational resource for you and your family. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call my office at 701-404-5100.

Karissa Olson, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of Fargo

About Karissa Olson


Karissa Olson brings over 17 years of healthcare experience to Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital in Fargo. She previously served in the roles of Regional Administrator, Executive Director and most recently as CEO of Lake Region Lutheran Home, Incorporated dba Heartland Care Center in Devils Lake, ND. Karissa obtained her BS in Healthcare Management from the University of Minnesota, Crookston, MN and her MBA from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND.